The success of any business depends on many variables, including the performance of the staff employed. Many investigations confirm the existence of a direct link between the performance and the characteristics of the working environment, identifiable through objective and measurable factors. Let’s find out which ones.

Offices, laboratories, warehouses, stores, call centers, warehouses have one thing in common: they offer people a place to work and make a decisive contribution to the success or failure of the work project of which they are part. Their performance obviously depends on many subjective factors, such as their personal qualifications and abilities, or those of their managers in knowing how to capitalize them to the fullest. But there are also objective and measurable factors, which have a decisive impact on the sensory, emotional and psychological aspects of those who work, and therefore also on the success of the entire activity.

We talk about the characteristics of the work environment such as thermo-hygrometric well-being, air quality, visual well-being and the existence of safety requirements. For example, the distribution of space and the chromatic choice of the walls greatly affect the flows and the internal work dynamics of activity, and consequently on the cooperation between workers, and possibly with users and the public.

Remaining on the subject of the workspace, each portion must be easily reachable by young and old. The paths must be minimized, limiting the use of barriers and facilitating orientation. Obviously always guaranteeing total security conditions.

The hygienic-sanitary conditions of the workplace play another key role. And to be guaranteed and easy to manage, they must be considered in the preliminary phase of architectural and plant design of the environment, as well as in the ordinary management phase of the structure. For example, it is essential to evaluate the parameters related to the microclimate, noise, lighting and indoor pollution right away.

An environment that respects all these needs of those who work there contributes to their motivation, their quality of life and therefore also to their performance. We, therefore, advise you to take into consideration the well-being of those who attend a job, and this attention will certainly translate into high productivity performances.

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