ICOMFORT represents the unique response to the management of the work environment that becomes increasingly flexible and to corporate governance. ICOMFORT is a suite of software and sensors that allows you to have a real-time photo of the use of space, temperature, level of pollutants, use of resources, security and much, much more.

ICOMFORT is a unique solution of its kind. Not only the measurement of environmental parameters but a real global approach to the efficient management of workspaces, able to allow assessments in real time and support in strategic choices.

ICOMFORT is a modular solution that meets the current and future needs of your company, in terms of the need for analysis, their breadth and depth.

ICOMFORT can be interfaced with your current IOTs without difficulty, allowing you to make the most of your existing investments. Our software is compatible with almost all sensors on the market, and their integration with new ICOMFORT sensors is guaranteed.

ICOMFORT for real estate.
It is our software and sensor solution to help you increase the value of your real estate assets. But also to effectively engage your employees, increase productivity, efficiency and the corporate climate.

ICOMFORT also offers DIGITAL SIGNAGE that will allow you to involve your employees in the management of spaces. With an intuitive interface, it is possible to know the use of common spaces, the available workstations and some of the environmental data that you will want to make available. A new way of experiencing work reality.

With our IOT sensors, you can measure and display in real time, through an intuitive interface, basic elements required by the law such as internal temperature, lighting, presence of pollutants. But also the occupancy rate of workstations, common areas, meeting rooms. Our analysis software will allow you to better verify and plan space management, guaranteeing a reduction in business costs, an increase in working well and productivity, and support for strategic choices. All this also in the cloud, without the need to install software and engage hardware resources of your company.