How can the video surveillance infrastructure become an important asset to increase the turnover of a store or in the GDO? Thanks to analytical marketing!

A video system, made with IOT sensors,  is now a necessary tool for many organizations, especially in the world of retail and mass retail. Whether we are talking about controlling the perimeter, protecting stocks and warehouses, making inventory differences, defending the equipment from incursions by unwelcome guests, or even monitoring only with respect to natural and environmental events, have an efficient system of managed videos, integrated in a dashboard with multi-data, can be a significant support to the business. The support that does not end with the specific aspect of security. And you can do it respecting customers privacy.

Analytical marketing & video: a source of data to improve sales

The same video system, in fact, can be a constant source of objective, precise and measurable data, which can be used as an analytical marketing tool, to update and optimize business processes with a view to possible business growth. The most obvious case, but certainly not the only one, is that of a shop, or a commercial activity in general, in which a precise and constant monitoring of the flows of people within the structure can be the starting point for a reorganization of exhibition spaces, purchasing paths, marketing initiatives, but also of a different distribution of personnel within the commercial activity.

Data that can be analyzed by a dashboard

If the images collected for security purposes are sent directly to a Security Operation Center that monitors and manages the alarms, the same images can be processed in real time to be transformed into data, displayed first in a central dashboard and finally placed at provision of the end user, who will be able to carry out further analysis, reporting and presentation actions. Just to be clear, an operation very similar to Google Analytics, the web platform used for years by digital marketers for the analysis of revenues from e-commerce and traffic on websites, allowing optimization and improvement of the site: only that in this case we are not talking about a “digital” store but a “physical” store.

Know your customers’ preferences

The main advantage that derives from the use of analytical marketing is represented by the analytical approach allowed by the availability of reliable, concrete and indisputable data.