The ICOMFORT interface allows you to have a picture, always updated and in real time, of the use of your company‘s spaces, of compliance with the legal limits imposed on aspects such as lighting, temperature, noise pollution, the presence of potential pollutants like PM10, NO2, O3. As well as any additional static or dynamic environmental information that your company may need.
ICOMFORT can also help you identify the most appropriate times and variables for the choices related to common areas (such as canteens, dining areas, and breaks) such as shifts and frequency of cleaning, shifts and refueling of the month, occupation and stop times.
Discover our digital signage
With ICOMFORT smart signage, even your staff will be able to rely on real-time information on the use of common spaces, workstations, the most common environmental parameters or those you want to make known. No more wasted time related to meeting room occupations or looking for an available desk. Work becomes more efficient for the company and for the employee.
From the fixed location to the workspace: ICOMFORT to make space management more efficient and improve the company climate
In Italy, in cities like Rome and Milan, it is estimated that the cost of a single workstation has a very high management cost. The increase in work flexibility, guided by the ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) approach, and favored in Italy by the DDL 2233-B of 2017, has led to a situation in which workstations are used only at certain times and days. A possible source of inefficiency that can instead become a new resource for the company through the analysis and management of occupations, as well as the environmental and energy parameters related to them. Lighting, heating and cooling, a new destination and more efficient space management can be easily managed through ICOMFORT. Generating not only economic savings but an improvement in the management of HR and the involvement of its staff.