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Smart IoT for a better workplace

The perfect workplace is comfortable, the temperature is regular, lighting is good, noise is low. iComfort allows companies to measure parameters to enable  a better workplace.

What is iComfort

iComfort is a complete IoT platform and dashboard that allows companies to enable smarter and better workplaces by measuring key parameters for well being in real time.

A smarter office

iComfort allows to monitor how, when, and where your employees use office spaces. iComfort goes beyond simple beacon solutions and offers a complete suite of sensors and software to allow easy implementation of smart working policies.

A better environment

iComfort monitors every key parameters in a workplace life, including the presence of rare gases and the level authorized by law. With iComfort it is possible to integrate exisiting monitoring devices or add iComfort boxes with modular sensors covering hundreds of monitoring needs.

Regulations under control

Monitor every parameter and make sure your company is meeting regulations for temperature, lighting, noise, and many other key parameters. 

iComfort Applications

iComfort applications cover for main application areas: smart working sensors for hot desking and room occupancy, workplace comfort monitoring by revealing key comfort indicators,  Environment Monitoring to enable a greener and safer working environment, and regulatory monitoring to keep under control every regulatory parameter inside your workplace.

Smart Office

iComfort allow for easy application of smart working policies by monitoring desks and meeting room occupation, number of people in each room or working space (eg. canteen, cafeteria) in real time.
A dashboard allows to keep track and analyze occupancy directly from a web interface.
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Workplace Comfort

iComfort  allows for real time monitoring of comfort parameters such as temperature, humidity, Co2, light, noise and many more. Key living factors under control mean a better and more comfortable workplace. Know whether you need to increase lighting, reduce noise, improve parkings and spaces.
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Enviroment Monitoring

iComfort interfaces with a wide array of sensors to create a complete monitoring suite for every environment need. The iComfort dashboard is the unique control point where every data is collected and analyzed through smart graphs and practical data visualizations that help keep every parameter under control.
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Regulatory monitoring

iComfort is already suited to monitor compliancy and regulatory parameters in many different fields, including those that require instant, real time monitoring of key indicators such as pollution determinants (Co2, Radon, Carbon dioxide), and air pressure, temperature, air quality, ozone and volatile compounds.
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iComfort Monitoring Capabilities

Room occupancy


Desk Occupancy

smart office


workplace comfort



people counter




volatile compound


parking occupancy





workplace comfort



carbon monoxide


air pressure


carbon dioxide

Environment monitoring



Pm 2.5


smart office

Icomfort allows for easy desk occupancy monitoring. The iComfort suite is made of sensors that do not require any particular setup or installation, they are placed under each desk and are ready to use. Facility managers can then monitor and obtain detailed statistics on desk and room utilization right from the iComfort Dashboard.

desk occupancy

iComfort sensors are placed under desks and monitor real time desk occupancy by detecting when the person is at the desk and when the desk is empty


Rooms can be monitored for occupancy as well as any other working space. People movement can also be tracked to identify most crowded places.

QUEUE analysis

iComfort measures presence in common office places such as canteen, cafeteria, reception, etc. by displaying how many people are present and historical data.


iComfort can be connected to parking sensors to determine and  display on a map free parking spots and collect data on parking usage day by day.


The very same infrastructure used for smart office can be extended to analyze office comfort: humidity, temperature, lighting, noise can be monitored in each working environement.

COmfort = productivity

By ensuring your workers have the best environment to work in, you are guaranteeing a better productivity. iComfort sensors allow to monitor key office parameters for well being, such as temperature, lighting, noise.

Start small, then scale

The iComfort infrastrcture is completely modular, as it allows from 1 to 14 sensors. Each iComfort box does not require an IT infrastructure, it is all “plug-and-play” and managed from an online dashboard.
dashboard icomfort

Environment monitoring

iComfort can be used to address the needs of modern companies, willing to monitor energy expenditure, noise, pollution and many other sensible environmental data.

Any data, anywhere

iComfort sensors can be place anywhere, even outside, and their internal battery lasts up to 18 months. It can trasmit using major wireless technologies (lowPan, Eddystone, Bluetooth, iBeacon)

REgulations under control

Icomfort allows to keep every regulatory parameter under control
dashboard icomfort detail

iComfort Dashboard

iComfort Dashboard is the core of the iComfort solution, where companies can keep track of hundreds of parameters for their offices, workplaces, environments. The dashboard can be integrated with hundreds of market-ready sensors and APIs to allow for a central data repository and analysis tool.
dashboard icomfort


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